Personal Profile

Oya Storms has always had a burning passion for music. As a child growing up in the Deep South of Pensacola Florida, she found herself singing Blues and Jazz growing up. 

Oya's passion has lead her to creating music with a purpose. Oya's family was very musically inclined and pushed her to several heights by allowing her to explore all mediums of music. 

Today, you can hear the blend of jazz, blues and R&B in Oya's music. In 2019 Oya dropped her first single "Water Me" prod by Talaya. This was the intro to the beginning of her finding her voice. 

Origin of Oya Storms Stage name: 

Oya is the Yoruba Goddess that represents Chaos & Rebirth. Finding the similarities, Ariana (Oya Storms) resonated with the story of Oya as it was very similar to her own personal story. In 2019, Ariana decided to take on the stage name "Oya Storms" to not only express the bond shared with the name but to also uplift black culture as well. 

Thank you to everyone in Pensacola Florida (Belmont Youth Band) for inspiring Oya's passion and special thank you to Oya's Seattle for community for pushing her growth beyond measure. 

Continue to follow the journey and follow Oya on all social Media Platforms @ Oya Storms.